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Threecon organized outdoor recreational activities for employees
Date:2014-09-29 Count:2250

 In order to enrich employees’ entertainment, promote the communication between colleagues, enhance the collective cohesion and team spirit, create a healthy atmosphere of corporate culture, our company organize an outdoor barbecue activities in Nantong Se Park on September 28th, general manager and more than 100 employees participated in this activity

 Barbecue activities continued from 9:30 am to 2:30pm. In barbecue booths, everyone gathered laughing and joking in the oven, and worked like the devil, but also share the fruits and barbecue experience with other groups from time to time, the whole scene was enjoyable, in addition, the organization also show the rich and colorful programs at the barbecue period. After the barbecue staff also travel to Nantong Binjiang Park at 2:30pm.

 Through this activity, the leadership among employees, old employees and new employees is more closer, better embodies Threecon team centripetal force, and promote the harmonious growth of the spirit of enterprise culture.


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